From the terminal sale to channel construction,from the store management to oil trade union member system,from sales techniques to marketing theory,HongChang chemical into more than 30 training topic let our operators easily buster,the successful experience of more than 20 years,waiting for the copy of league.

New store opening 360 degrees of support activities, brand promotion , exchange support ,close distribution support, continuous training , support , on-site service guidance , perennial sales support, the profit support, to achieve sales target bonus, Rich market terminal materials from various stores display band material to the industry construction of painting tools , to meet the comprehensive needs of consumers and coating construction personnel.

時漆是廣東鴻昌化工有限公司出品的優質品牌,鴻昌化工成立于1991年,現已發展成為 一家集研發、生產、銷售、貿易、服務于一體化的國家重點高新技術企業。鴻昌化工的母公司--鴻昌集團(香港)國際投資有限公司,是一家集研制、開發、生產、銷售、貿易于一體化的高新技術產業公司。集團在中國大陸擁有優越的化工,服裝等行業13個生產基地,廠房面積逾二十多萬平方米,總投資數億元人民幣,采用國際上最先進的高科技術設備和生產工藝,擁有一支高素質的科研和員工隊伍,員工人數愈5000人。
Lili when paint is HongChang chemical co.LTD.Guangdong product quality brands , HongChang chemical was founded in 1991, has now developed into a set research and development , production, sales ,trad, service in the integration of the national key high-tech enterprises, HongChang chemical’s parent company---HongChang group(Hong Kong )international investment co.LTD,is a collection of research, development, production sale , trade integration of high-tech industry companies Group in mainland China has superior chemical industry, clothing, etc13 production bases,plant area of more than more than 20 square meters, total investment of hundreds of millions of yuan ,USES the international most advanced high-tech technology equipment and production technology, has a high-quality scientific research and staff team, the more the number of employees 5000 people. In more than 20 years, the enterprise always adhere to “scientific and technological innovation’the core concept of development, adhere to “science and technology service life’ brand philosophy, committed to providing the most cutting-edge innovation technology, best quality, best quality, best service and the value of user cost, become the main of dealers and industry strategic to select partners.

擁有行業內品種豐富、結構齊全的產品線,產品涵蓋內外墻建筑涂料,室內裝飾涂料、專業家具漆、水性涂料等體系健全完整的系列產品,種類豐富齊全,滿足了不同市場需求;此外,企業還根據市場需求不斷進行產品技術研發,其產品更新速度穩居業界前列,其中“大型自動化機械噴涂聚氨酯家具漆”、“水性聚氨酯分散體及其建筑外墻涂料產品研究”、“健康型建筑內墻乳膠漆新產品研究”、“環境凈化型自清潔復合功能建筑涂料”、“抗沾污超耐候外墻乳膠漆”、“室溫交聯型聚丙烯酸微乳液的研制及其在水性木器漆中的應用”、“三連續涂膜網絡的單組分室溫交聯水性工業涂料”等研發產品,屢次獲國家、省市等含金量高的技術獎,其技術水平被院士專家及業界人士評為“國內領先水平及國內首創,且達到國際同類產品先進水平”, 產生了良好的品牌效應,在歐美及東南亞等地區享有一定的知名度,還成為了中國涂料業第一家成功進入美國市場的涂料企業。

Have variety in the industry, the structure is comp;ete product lines, products covered by the professional exterior architectural doatings , interior decoration paint, furniture paint, water-based paint system, such as perfecting the complete series of products , variety complete, meet the different market demand; In addition, the enterprise according to the market demand in terms of product technology research and development , constantly update its products ranks among the forefront of the industry, Where “large automation machinery spraying polyurethane furniture lacquer’, “waterborne polyurethane dispersion and its building exterior wall coating products”, “healthful construction inside wall emulsioni paint products research”, “environmental purification type self-cleaning composite functional architectural coatings”, “anti fouling super weather resistance exterior wall latex paint ’, “development of room temperature type crosslinked polyacrylate microemulsion and its application in waterborne wood lacquer”, “three consecutive coating network of one-component room temperature crosslinked waterborne industrial coatings ”,etc. Product development , Has repeatedly won national , provincial high gold content , such as technology, member of its technical level by experts and the industry ad “the leading domestic level and at first,and reached the international advanced level ’, has a good brand effect , enjoy certain popularity in Europe and the United States and southeast Asia and other regions, has become the China due to the first successful coating enterprise entered the U.S market.


2002年1月,“大型自動化機械噴涂聚氨酯家具漆(HCG系列)”通過了省級鑒定,技術水平屬“國內領先水平及國內首創,且達到國際同類產品先進水平”。 該產品被列為2002年度“國家級重點新產品’、“國空火炬計劃產品”、榮獲200年度“順德市科技進步獎三等獎”,“廣東省科技進步獎三等獎”。

2002年1月,“低揮發聚酯清漆”通過“省級新產品鑒定”, 屬國內領先水平。





In 2001, passed the provincial certification “KAOX oil defoaming agent ”belong to the leading domestic level, to fill the domestic blank; In January 2002, the “large automation machinery spraying polyurethane furniture paint series(HCG)” has passed the provincial appraisal, technical level is “the domestic leading level and domestic initiative , and reached the international advanced level ’. This product is listed as the 2002 “national key new product”, “national torch plan’products , won the 2002 annual “science and technology progress third prize in shunde city’, “guangdong province science and technology progress third prize”. In January 2002, the “low volatile polyester varnish ”through “provincial new product appraisal’ territories “in the leading level” In 2002, the “environmental purification self-cleaning type composite functional architectural coatings” project . In September 2002, “large automation machinery coating pu paint”, “anti fouling super weather resistance exterior wall latex paint ’ was listed in 2002”guangdong province key new product plan ’and 2002”national key new product projects ”list, the fouling resistance super corrosion resistance exterior wall latex paint won the “shunde district science and technology progress third prize” Hosted by the end of December 2002,HongChang chemical “three continuous coating network of one -component room temperature crosslinked waterbome industrial coatings ’ project won the national “fifteen’863 plans approved by the technology of the new materialsopened a private enterprises leading the national high technology research and development project (863 project )precedent.

1.Has a legitimate business qualifications,have the business license,tax registration certificate,etc. The normal managerment needs of all kinds of documents;
2.To achieve the required financial strength, the company has the normal business need stores, offices,sales personnel, etc;
3.In the local has a good commercial reputation and word of mouth, personally involved in the brand management;
4.Consistent with the company has a marketing concept, values and intend to long-term cooperation, hand in hand and win-win;
5.W illing to cooperate to implement company’s relevant policies and regulations ,the main brand products of the company;
6.Has the very good consciousness of brand promotion, market input,together with the company has a certain service ability, marketing ability , channer construction adn maintenance ability, organization ability and management ability;
7.In coating industry is full of confidence , full of passing to life.